Shadoworld Worldwide Street Promotions, LLC is a Beverly Hills based promotions, and marketing firm that prides itself on a commitment to excellence. Shadoworld aids corporate entities, as well as start up structures launch and expand their brands along with new products both regionally and nationally through the many different services that we offer.

When executed properly “Guerilla Marketing” and “Grass Roots Promotions” are extremely effective, however in an age where media outlets such as the worldwide web, cable television, satellite television, magazines, and other publications have expanded on such an immense scale many companies often tend to forget that Guerilla Marketing and Grass Roots promotions can be a very viable and effective means in which to target consumers. Shadoworld offers a comparable balance between grass roots promotional efforts, and technologically savvy marketing ploys.

Over the years Shadoworld Worldwide Street Promotions has become known as a “one stop shop” by offering our clients an array of services that they often have no need to venture elsewhere for their promotional efforts. Here at Shadoworld we realize that each client has different needs therefore we design marketing plans to tailor to each client’s specified wishes, all the while making way for an incredible return on investment.

Services/ Capabilities

Nationwide Street Teams

We utilize our street teams all around the country for product distribution, wild postings, sniping, and the peer-to-peer distribution of promotional product. Our street teams are composed of highly motivated, professional young ladies and men of all different ethnic and social backgrounds. We build and tailor our street teams according to each clients’ specific needs and each campaign’s overall goalStreet teams provided in the top 20 primary markets.

- Street teams provided in the top 20 primary markets.
- Male and female professional team members.
- Brief consumers on said promotional product
- Verify the delivery of specific promotional items
- Represent the client and/or product with the utmost care

Wild Postings/ Sniping

Snipes/ Wild postings are a wonderful way to spread awareness of any product. This specific service consists of the placement of posters and/or snipes in key locations. This particularly consisting of key intersections, as well as highly trafficked areas of a specified city, and/or location.

- Freeway off/ and on ramps
- Telephone poles
- Key intersections
- Wall space
- Targeted cities

Flyer Distribution

One of the most common, and effective ways to gain awareness of any given product, company, and/ or service is simply the distribution of promotional, and/ or informative flyers. Shadoworld street teams don’t solely distribute flyer’s, they are creating awareness by simply giving a brief description, and/ or briefing on said product, company, and/ or service.

- Flyer distribution available in the 20 primary markets.
- Door hangers
- Pamphlets
- Brochures
- Light reading material
- Booklets

Promotional Models

Shadoworld offers a variety of highly skilled and professional promotional models to work many several types of events. Our models pride themselves on elegance, grace, and poise.

Promotional models often aid as a rather fundamental means in which to gain awareness, and promote different events, products, and/ or people. Models are an excellent choice for corporate functions, conventions, and tradeshows.

- Models available in all markets
- Collect E-mail addresses
- Aid in product sampling
- Allow for photos to be taken with prospective consumers, and/ or fans
- Disbursement of promotional product
- Models available for Print Ads, Fashion Shows, Conventions, Music Videos, Major Motion Pictures & Indie film castings/ extras, Movie screenings/ premieres, Commercials, etc

Online Marketing & Promotions

Living in such a media friendly society there are far too many outlets which are not always outsourced properly. Online marketing is a technologically friendly way to reach millions upon millions of consumers who may not be as easy to reach through a guerilla marketing stand point.

- E-mail campaigns
- My-Space bulletins & postings
- On-line banners
- Text messaging campaigns
- Chat-room postings
- Message boards
- Online blog campaigns
- Interactive telecast chats

Promotional/ Retail Product Distribution

Product distribution carries a variety of possibilities. Again, the Shadoworld street teams, and/ or Shadoworld promotional models become a quintessential part of the distribution of product. The disbursement of retail promotional product makes it more viable to place these items in the hands of “mom and pop” store owners who have daily contact and communication with the community.

Promotional product:

- T-Shirts
- Hats
- Promo-Cd’s
- Posters
- Key Chains
- In store display holders

Retail product:

- Sporting tickets
- Promotional copies of albums
- Complimentary sample packs
- Beverage samples

Product Sampling

Premature feedback about any given product is always an innovative idea. It allows companies, and/ or businesses to receive all sorts of feedback from consumers regarding everything from the packaging, the name, the brand itself, the flavor, or sound. Focus groups are gathered to observe consumer feedback as well as gather data based upon the targeted consumer reaction. This data is then used to better structure and/or prepare product launches, marketing campaigns, or product enhancement.

- Beverage sampling
- Advanced listening parties
- Movie screenings

Nightlife Promotions

After years of promoting clubs in many different cities across the country, our firm has developed a strong, reputable reputation with the hottest and trendiest nightclubs.

These ongoing relationships allow us to facilitate on the behalf of our client to get their product in-front of a crowd of consumers, and plan the hottest Hollywood extravaganzas.

- Product give-a-ways
- Set up product display tables
- Artist showcases
- Movie premiere parties
- Concert after parties
- Red carpet celebrity events
- Product launches
- Special events

Event Planning

Shadoworld will plan, and execute any and all events from corporate sponsored promo events, to red carpet celebrity bashes. Based upon the event Shadoworld will conceptualize your entire event from the customized invites to free give-a-way bags, regardless of budget Shadoworld will make sure you receive the most for your money.

- Scout venue location
- Secure venue
- Concept/ Theme development
- Customize invites
- Press and media coverage
- Lighting
- Sound
- Valet parking
- Supplying Go-Go dancers
- Booking artists
- Catering
- Give-a-way bags
- Videographer
- Photographer

Alliance Facilitation

It is never easy to build bridges between separate business entities. Over the years Shadoworld has established relationships with many business outlets all over the country. Shadoworld acts as a vessel to cohesively, and effectively establish working relationships between two, or more parties.

- Identify clients needs
- Submit a collection of available outsourced feasible options to client
- Provide a detailed outline highlighting a feasible return on investment for all parties involved

Product Development

Shadoworld prides itself on aiding small start up companies, as well as corporate entities help introduce new products into the market place. Whether it’s designing flyers, or conceptualizing the strategic execution of a marketing ploy Shadoworld realizes the importance of every aspect when introducing a new product into the marketplace. It is not enough to solely design promotional product, you must first understand your target demographic for the promotional items as well as the campaign to be received by the community.

- Graphic design
- Concept development
- Strategic marketing ploys, based upon the consumer target demographic
- Website design
- Promotional product selection

Grassroots Movie/ Film Promotions & Marketing

Many of Shadoworld’s clients are movie studios, as well as film companies, thus we have implemented many effective marketing options for our clients of whom are looking for unconventional methods in which to gain awareness of upcoming projects.

- Demographically targeted movie screenings with feedback sessions
- Wild posting and sniping
- Mom & Pop retail poster placement. (Larger ad agencies generally tend to neglect the smaller “mom & pop” owned stores, and shops within the community)
- Retail poster placement
- Vehicle wraps/ Mobile billboards
- Nightclub promotions
- Radio give-a-ways
- College promotions
- High school & Middle school promotional opportunities for family oriented films

Grassroots Artist/ Band/ Label Promotions & Marketing

From unsigned acts, to major record label entities Shadoworld Worldwide Street Promotions offers a variety of services that cater to all those within the music industry looking to create awareness of upcoming releases through guerilla style marketing tactics.

- Flyer distribution
- Wild posting/ sniping
- Concert/ tour support
- Record pool submissions
- Mix-tape placements
- Radio call-in campaigns
- Music day submissions at local radio
- Set up and plan retail in-stores
- Facilitate promo-tour dates
- Bookings
- College tours
- Graphic design for print ads
- Media coverage
- Solicitation for endorsement situations
- Video casting

Specified Marketing & Promotions Geared To Consumer Targeted Demographic

Many products are geared towards a specific demographic, and many clients wish to only target said consumer base. Shadoworld offers the availability to structure promotional campaigns based solely on the product itself as well as the targeted demographic.

- Identify target demographic
- Strategically implement a marketing campaign catered to given demographic structures
- Product design is formatted to adhere to the targeted consumer
- Maintain weekly focus groups to retrieve prospective consumer feedback

Vehicle Wraps/ Mobile Billboards

Vehicle wraps are often used to directly target specified locations where stationary billboards may not be feasible. The objective, and goal of the mobile billboard is to quite simply remind, remain, and revisit the targeted demographic.

- Creative design is offered for the vehicle wraps
- Shadoworld offers SUV’s, conversion vans, and mid sized vehicles
- Vehicles are held nationwide
- Month to month, quarterly, and annual vehicle wrap contracts are available

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